Wind Turbine Management

Improve Average Annual Production by up to 2%

Continuously optimize the performance and cost of maintaining every wind turbine you operate

We know getting the most out of your wind assets in mid-life is challenging

Wind assets that are beyond initial maintenance periods and entering their next phase of life create ongoing, sometimes unexpected, challenges for asset owners and operators.

Maintenance planning becomes a high-touch activity, requiring teams to be onsite to identify and troubleshoot potential issues for performance and safety. It’s unclear which assets need attention because it’s tough to pinpoint those chronic underperformers and those most in need of attention. And wind turbine fleets can be made up of assets from many makes and models, without a simple way to get a consistent portfolio-wide view of asset performance. 

AssetCare® Wind Turbine Management helps you operate and manage wind turbines better

AssetCare optimizes production performance and the cost of maintaining wind assets by offering a single window into wind turbine portfolios to increase production, optimize maintenance plans, and maximize long-term reliability. 

  • Improve annual energy production up to 2%

    Annual improvement using capabilities that assist with the baseline, predicted output, and optimization of wind asset portfolios.

  • Optimize maintenance costs

    Pinpoint what turbines need attention and which assets offer the best opportunities for improvement.

  • Reduce time required onsite

    Use of capabilities that enable field work plans maximizing wrench time and time-on-task.

  • Maintain and verify asset value

    Streamlines the process of keeping asset documentation up-to-date and in sync with the activities being done in the field.

Solution Highlights

Gain detailed insight into
wind turbine performance

Directly connect to SCADA systems and historians to get a holistic view of wind turbine performance with the ability to see across your entire portfolio, from wind farm to specific wind turbines, right down to wind turbine subsystems such as the hub or gearbox.

Get scheduled reports

Receive reports derived from live wind turbine data combined with machine learning models built from make-and-model specific data and expert analysis from wind engineering experts to identify actions you can take to directly improve asset production.

Aggregate and harmonize data

Consolidate and synchronize data from your entire wind turbine fleet into a single view, regardless of vendor, make, or model, saving you the pain and expense of having to wrangle data across many disparate OEM-specific applications and data sources.

A digital blade inspection module

Inspection modules enable streamlined detection, characterization, and reporting of turbine blade health, letting you monitor and prioritize blade repairs by exception rather than by schedule.

Triage thousands of blade
inspection images in an instant

Instantly assess thousands of images through a blade damage AI that automatically filters and sorts through images to isolate those showing meaningful blade damage so that you can focus only on those images requiring your attention.

Works with the turbine connectivity and enterprise systems you have

AssetCare has robust compatibility with virtually any wind turbine SCADA system or historian, making it easy to connect to all the assets that you operate. 

Looking to improve the performance of your wind turbines?