About Us

We're on a mission to unlock the untapped potential of energy-intensive assets everywhere.


Get to Know Us

mCloud is a high-growth software company solving some of the world’s most challenging energy problems.  

Optimizing the demanding energy-intensive assets the world depends on every day.

From energy-intensive buildings on the journey to Net Zero to the industrial equipment essential to energy production all around the world, mCloud connects these assets and the workers who operate and maintain them. mCloud helps organizations drive the performance, reliability, and sustainability of assets everywhere by ensuring the right actions are taken at the right time.

Our Core Values


We value the importance of small tasks as the building blocks for success. With unwavering integrity, we execute every task precisely, aligning with our values for overall success.


Our innate curiosity drives us to explore the world and pursue continuous improvement. We embrace a culture of constant learning, evolution, and innovation as we strive for excellence.


We prioritize unwavering support for all, building trust with customers and colleagues alike. We invest time and effort to foster strong relationships based on trust and mutual respect.


We embrace risk-taking, acknowledging that failure is a stepping stone to progress. With resilience, tenacity, and unwavering passion, we continuously learn and grow, moving forward from setbacks.


We embrace inclusive collaboration with pride. As a united team, we tackle challenging problems collectively, leveraging diverse perspectives and skills to find effective solutions.

Driven by a team passionate about solving problems that move the needle

Our team embraces the ethos of Silicon Valley, bringing together talent from the worlds of tech, energy, and sustainability to help organizations move swiftly toward a high performance, decarbonized, and exponential tomorrow. 

Delivering measurable, sustainable results with AssetCare®


Asset and worker productivity


Faster response to unplanned events


Improvements in asset OPEX

120M+ kWh

Annual energy savings for customers

80,000+ tons

Avoided GHG emissions for customers annually


Reductions of in-person travel for asset O&M

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