Better Together.

mCloud is proud to partner with Google Cloud, delivering AssetCare® on the industry's cleanest cloud.

AssetCare is an official Google Cloud Ready – Sustainability Solution

In partnership with Google Cloud through their Partner Advantage program, mCloud has been designated a Google Cloud Ready – Sustainability solution, part of an elite ecosystem of Google Cloud partners committed to helping global organizations accelerate their sustainability programs. mCloud’s full portfolio of AssetCare solutions takes advantage of the industry’s best cloud, AI, and analytics foundation to deliver unique capabilities optimizing asset performance, reliability, and sustainability. 

Hyperscale delivery on Google Cloud

AssetCare solutions are built on powerful foundations, harnessing numerous Google Cloud technologies, including Google Earth Engine, Vertex AI, BigQuery, Natural Language AI, Vision AI, and much more. With these foundations, AssetCare has the scale to connect and digitize every asset you manage, no matter how big or small. 

100% powered by renewables on Google Cloud


more efficient than a typical data center


renewable energy for all cloud regions

As part of mCloud’s commitment to sustainability, mCloud delivers clean, low-carbon, and sustainable asset performance management solutions in partnership with Google Cloud. AssetCare runs on infrastructure that is 100% based on renewable energy and on data centers that are 2x more efficient than typical enterprise data centers. AssetCare solutions integrate Google Cloud’s Carbon Sense suite to actively track and estimate cloud emissions, with footprint data available to all customers. 

mCloud is a trusted Google Cloud Ready - Sustainability partner

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