O&M Excellence

Reduce Asset Operating Costs by up to 40%

Simplify how you plan and manage your O&M activities to reduce cycle time and maximize time-on-task

We know you need better results, not more technology

Managing the day-to-day operations and the ongoing maintenance of all the assets you’re charged with is undoubtedly hard work.

Wrangling data from multiple systems to piece together how your assets are performing and which ones need help is time-consuming. Keeping your asset documentation and maintenance histories is a struggle, especially when documentation is split across paper, ad hoc spreadsheets, and inconsistent workflows across different facilities. Prioritizing field work is a nightmare because everyone works from different data to understand the assets in question. 

AssetCare® O&M Excellence simplifies the planning, management, and tracking of O&M activities across the board

AssetCare helps you minimize unnecessary work by spotlighting those assets that would benefit most from attention. Manage your assets based on need instead of by schedule. Eliminate wasted cycle time by planning precisely and efficiently before being onsite. Unify, simplify, and automate the digital capabilities you use to track and document actions being taken to ensure all reliability and safety records are kept up-to-date.

  • Improve asset OPEX by up to 40%

    through continuous management of assets, rather than just managing to a static schedule.

  • Reduce onsite travel and O&M cycle time by up to 50%

    through upfront planning enabled through digital tools enabling a virtual single source of truth.

  • Maximize wrench time

    and ensure tasks are done right the first time through field capabilities that help teams get on task instead of wasting time looking for information.

  • Minimize unnecessary maintenance trips

    by creating precise and efficient plans that maximize the work that gets done in a single site visit.

Solution Highlights

Get all asset data in a single view

AssetCare provides a single view into all your asset data including reference data, documentation such as P&IDs, maintenance histories, permits, and even deep links back to originating systems, maximizing the time your teams spend working on assets rather than finding the information needed to take action.

Plan opportunities to make onsite O&M activities more efficient

Optimize onsite O&M activities by readily identifying and building task plans that align priorities to jobs so you maximize wrench time and get more done in one trip; prioritize and organize field actions by asset, linked to a complete, unique digital twin for every piece of equipment, in sync with other enterprise systems you may already use.

Take advantage of configurable digital forms

Utilize customizable digital forms to enable your teams to continuously document their activities while work is being done; put an end to keeping track and transcribing countless spreadsheets, notes, and other temp documentation across all activities; take photos and videos, and complete forms with keyboard or voice input and have it all automatically synced in the cloud so everyone in your organization works from the same data and documentation.

Conduct and co-ordinate virtual walkdowns

Facilitate and manage virtual walkthroughs of facilities to plan and execute complex actions by locating where assets of interest are and visualizing what condition they are in; search for assets of interest by P&ID and other properties; measure and verify physical dimensions with high precision and accuracy; create pathing and waypoint plans for field teams to efficiently execute work onsite.

See asset and facility histories at various points in time

Access historical records of assets and facilities across different timeframes with useful visualizations that let you compare your assets “as-built” versus “as-designed,” with virtual annotations and references to 2D and 3D data that let you see how your assets exist today and how they may have changed over time.

Works with the equipment and enterprise systems you have

Integrates seamlessly with your current systems with robust data connectivity and interoperability with a wide variety of platforms – including PLCs, DCS, SCADA systems and industry standards such as OPC-UA, ensuring AssetCare is ready for all the systems and equipment you operate. 

Looking to simplify how you plan and manage your O&M?