The Path to Realizing the Full Potential of Your Assets Starts Here

AssetCare® solutions improve the performance, reliability, and sustainability of the assets you operate.

Unlocking the untapped potential of every asset

AssetCare solutions are engineered to solve your hardest asset management challenges. With solutions for Energy Management, O&M Excellence, Wind Turbine Management and Fugitive Emissions.

AssetCare delivers measurable improvements to asset performance, reliability, and sustainability

AssetCare is mCloud’s portfolio of cloud-powered asset performance management solutions, enabling you to identify, act, and track actions improving how you operate every asset in your organization.

Digital twins drive action

Get the insight you need to confidently make data-driven decisions about your assets at every level.

Continuous visibility

Continuously look at the performance, condition, and footprint of every piece of equipment you operate, no matter how big or small.


Get a single consistent view into all your equipment, regardless of OEM, make, or model.

Across the asset management lifecycle

Digital capabilities connect you to every aspect of asset management: operational planning, performance optimization, emissions management, documentation and compliance, and frontline work.

Better together with Google Cloud

See how mCloud is partnered with Google Cloud and leverages the industry’s best cloud platform to deliver hyperscale results on the world’s cleanest cloud 

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