Fugitive Emissions

Reduce Your Emissions Footprint by up to 70%

Enhance your methane mitigation programs by continuously detecting and correcting fugitive leaks

We know managing fugitive emissions is challenging

When you have a large portfolio of remote distributed assets, managing an effective fugitive emissions program is more than a full-time job.

You have a myriad of leak data sources with no common standards, making it hard to piece together what leaky assets you have and which ones urgently need attention. Inspection cycles are infrequent, so some leaks don’t get attention for months after they’ve become an emissions source. And proving that you’ve taken action is tough because record keeping is complicated, especially with all the ways documentation needs to be maintained.

AssetCare® Fugitive Emissions helps you improve how you detect, correct, and report your emissions

AssetCare lets you reduce fugitive emissions through an integrated suite of Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) capabilities. Identify, quantify, and track your fugitive emissions, from the big picture of your entire portfolio right down to specific emitting equipment anywhere in the world.

  • Reduce your fugitive emissions footprint by up to 70%

    by effectively leveraging digital tools to complement and enhance how you already manage emissions today.

  • Improve compliance with local requirements

    by rapidly responding to leak sources and documenting actions taken in an auditable way.

  • Improve eligibility for carbon offsets and credits

    through direct measurements of emissions that complement estimations through emissions factors.

  • Maximize time spent on corrections rather than planning

    by taking advantage of a portfolio-wide view of assets that enables ongoing planning and prioritization.

Solution Highlights

A portfolio view of connected equipment

A full view of connected equipment instantly highlights the location of leaky assets and enables the rapid prioritization of leaks for repair; sort by severity, age, or flow rate and virtually plan for successful repairs before setting out on foot.

Support for multiple leak detection technologies

Multiple leak detection technologies are supported including low-cost mobile sensing options to high-end methods, such as Optical Gas Imagery (OGI). Providing you with the flexibility to build and improve upon the emissions programs you already operate, the integration enables you to aggregate, harmonize and understand your emissions at scale.

Direct measurement of emissions

AssetCare’s direct measurement of emissions offers a complement to standard estimates based on emissions factors, enabling you to accurately assess the impact your mitigation efforts have had on avoiding or eliminating emissions contributing to your organization’s footprint.

Get live notifications

Get instant live updates and see the results of mitigation efforts instantly through emissions management views and workflows that ensure your field teams stay in sync with your sustainability and emissions leaders in the backoffice.

Improve compliance with local regulatory requirements

Improve adherence to local regulatory mandates for emissions management with the flexibility to configure severity classifications on a per-geographic basis and create a digital audit trail of all steps taken in the leak remediation process 

Works with the equipment and enterprise systems you already have

AssetCare seamlessly integrates with your current systems to take your LDAR and methane mitigation programs to the next level through a combination of digital capabilities enabling continuous monitoring, mobile field management, and automated documentation.

Looking to enhance how you manage fugitive emissions?