Energy Management

Improve Facility Energy Efficiency by up to 25%

Identify opportunities, act, and track savings to reduce the energy use intensity and CO2e footprint of your facilities

We know getting your facilities to Net Zero is hard

Managing the energy and carbon footprint of your facilities is a lot of work, especially when you’re already overloaded with day-to-day operations. A confusing array of vendors makes it hard to figure out who you need to work with – and who can help you address the complete footprint of your facility.

AssetCare® Energy Management is a complete digital solution for your facilities

AssetCare continuously identifies and prioritizes energy savings opportunities, helps you automate and streamline the implementation of actions to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption, and verifies the impact your actions have on Scope 1/2/3 emissions and your cost of energy.

  • Improve energy efficiency up to 25%

    through streamlined management and oversight of when, how, and where energy is used onsite.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint

    by maximizing the use of low-carbon and renewables while simultaneously minimizing consumption.

  • Predict and optimize energy demand

    to support decisions around PPAs and when energy is used to minimize time-of-day and demand penalties.

  • Create carbon offsets and credits

    eligibility through real, auditable, and continuously tracked measurements of energy efficiency.

Solution Highlights

Connected energy monitoring

Continuously measure how and where you spend energy, all the way down to the equipment level, helping you decide where there are opportunities to improve.

Implement energy savings measures

Enact energy efficiencies for all the energy-intensive equipment you operate, from traditional facility infrastructure such as HVAC and chillers to industrial equipment such as compressors and autoclaves.

Unique energy efficiency modeling

AssetCare uses energy performance modeling based on open simulation standards developed by the US Department of Energy and enhanced with exclusive AI/ML-based insights let you visualize and predict the energy efficiency of your facilities as they are today – and what they should be. 

Live energy analytics reporting

Sustainability visualizations let you make strategic decisions about where your efforts are best spent to improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions at the portfolio level while drill-downs to the building, zone, and equipment level provide you with actionable insights into how to best configure and operate your facilities and equipment to maximize energy efficiency.

Automated measures

Intelligent setpoint and schedule programs, grid optimization, and support for automated demand response protocols such as OpenADR enable you to implement timely actions that can help you quickly reduce unnecessary energy costs and the carbon intensity of the energy sources you rely on to power your facilities, in coordination with the utilities you work with. 

Turn-key implementation

Our 24/7 expert support means we take care of all the implementation details so you can remain in control of your energy efficiency efforts without needing to get caught up in all the details.

Works with the equipment you already have

With robust BMS/EMS support and compatibility with a wide range of building and industrial equipment protocols such as JACE/Niagara, BACnet, Modbus, OPC-UA and more, ensuring AssetCare is ready for all the systems and equipment you operate onsite.

Looking to drive reductions in your cost of energy and carbon footprint?